International Longevity Alliance Heales Sens Research Foundation


• First Prize:

US$ 10,000.00. If the film of the winner is a collective work, each person mentioned as a competitor will receive a proportionate part of the prize divided equally among each member of the group. If the winner lives in a country where the Dollar is not the current currency, there will be a conversion of the prize into the local currency at the exchange rate of the day the Prize is announced.

• Second Prize:

Meet Dr. Aubrey de Grey, Co-founder and CSO of SENS Research Foundation. The Longevity Film Competition will pay up to US$ 1,000 towards the expenses of the trip.

Dr. de Grey is constantly traveling around the world. We will do our best to find the closest location to the winner to make this trip as convenient as possible.

• Third Prize:

A selection of books related to longevity (value US$ 300).